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 Welcome to our Featured Gardens! 

  Not surprising...my first featured garden is once again, my mom's Garden of Ede. Not quite as big as the one at the farm, but beautiful none the less. I hope all you local gardeners will help me, by sending me some photos of your gardens, as well as any information you would like to share about yourselves and your love of gardening. I'm looking for gardens of all kinds and all sizes; flower gardens, vegetable gardens, mixed gardens, patio gardens, container gardens, herb gardens, shade gardens, rock gardens....I think you get the idea!

 Just send me a note through the contact form at the top of the sidebar. I look forward to sharing our beautiful Manitoba gardens with the world. If you have a garden outside Manitoba, I'd be happy to share your garden too.

You can visit individual gardens on the list, or see all featured gardens by clicking  HERE.

Garden Of Ede 2017

Backyard Retreat

The City Hall Garden, Brandon

The English Garden, Winnipeg

The Formal Garden, Winnipeg

The Butterfly Garden, Winnipeg

Carberry Daylily Park

Our Hoops Loop Garden 

Our Portage Garden 

Garden of Ede

Garden Of Ede'n Gerald

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