Deelat All In One Solar Courtyard Light ~ A Review

Solar Light

When I heard that our local community of Sprucewoods was in the process of creating a park and playground, I asked Manny from Deelat Industrial Products if they would donate a solar light that could be attached to a structure. Given that the light would be located in a public area, I wanted something that couldn't easily be removed. I was amazed when a large package arrived a week later. This Solar Courtyard light was much more than I was expecting!

solar light

Our plan was to install the light on the pergola that is going to be built at the park, but since it isn't ready yet, we decided to install it in our yard to test it out for the purposes of this review. 

solar light

The light comes with a bracket to attach to a post, so our hanging basket stand made the perfect place to put it. It's constructed with an aluminum alloy case and looks quite nice.

solar light with mounting bracket

With 48 LEDs  (2000Lumens brightness) and a   120-degree wide lighting angle, it will easily light the area under the pergola. It has a night sensor and a PIR motion sensor. For the first 5 hours it's at 600lumens without PIR. The last 7 hours at 300lumens dim light until dawn and PIR sensor at 2000lumens when people pass by, lasting 30 seconds. 

solar light

This picture was taken from the deck, and shows just some of the area that is lit up by this solar light.

backyard lit up by solar light

Solar light in backyard

Deelat was extremely generous to donate this light to our community. The All in One Solar Courtyard Light will be a great addition to our park. I can't wait for construction to begin!

empty lot, future home of the park


Michelle said...

That was very generous of Deelat. Their gift will benefit a lot of people and make your park safer. I hadn't heard of that company, so I enjoyed learning about them.

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Deelat sounds like a generous and kind person. The solar light he gifted to your community would be a very beneficial contribution to your community and it would help while the construction of the park as well as after the construction.