June Blooms and Random Views

June photo tour

Time for my monthly photo tour! All of these pictures were taken around our yard....a mix of wild flowers and perennials, and some miscellaneous shots. Hope you enjoy this little glimpse of June beauty!


Scripture Picture Sunday, 3 John 2

Prosper and be in health

  Last week, a blogging friend posted a response to a reader's concern about the change in direction her writing had taken. She had recently begun posting about her health and fitness...where in the past her posts were more focused on spiritual encouragement. In her video she explained why she felt that the two were not mutually exclusive, and that both spiritual and physical health were important. 

  I appreciated her response, because I'm in a similar place...not just with writing, but life in general, and realizing the need to make some changes to be the healthiest I can be. I know that there are many things in this life that we have no control over...the timing of the last breath we take being one of them, but until that day comes, I think God expects me to be the best that I can be, both spiritually AND physically....and just as with Kasey...what is happening in my life tends to spill over into my writing...whether it's here, on Lyric Devotions, or on my Face Book.


As Good As Healthy Feels

There may be loys of things that taste as good as healthy feels, but hospital food isn't one of them.

There are a couple of memes I've seen that generally  elicit an argument from readers...One is "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" and the other is similar, "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels." Invariably, someone will beg to differ, listing some of their favorite foods, often chocolate! So I decided to post my own version. Unfortunately, because I posted it as a status update, some people thought I was in the hospital! The point I was trying to make was that eating a lot of yummy junk food is eventually going to land some of us in the hospital! Better to give up the junk now, and avoid hospital food in the future.

The picture in this meme was taken four years ago at Spruce Woods Provincial Park on one of the hiking trails. Brian and I never even made it to the top...that should have been a hint right there that it was time to take a serious look at our health and fitness! Unfortunately, it took a trip to the doctor to get me thinking seriously about making some changes. You can read about the start of that Journey To Wellness here.

I'll be posting updates here periodically...I hope you'll follow along and share some of your own journey, and perhaps we can create our own support group!


Under Deck Storage

Building a gate for under deck

We built our house five years ago, but there are still many ongoing projects. The front deck is one of them....or at least UNDER the deck. Because we cantilevered part of the deck out three feet from the house, we have a small room under there. It's the perfect place to store bikes or seasonal items, but it was lacking a door or gate to close it up.