April Showers?

April photos by Brian Bolack

We didn't get much for April showers....

....but the crocus made an appearance early in the month....

.....and the pine trees are a beautiful bright green.
Pine tree

Pine tree against the sunset

Looks like spring is here!
Rail fence

Rail fence

But the snow didn't get the memo...It's supposed to be spring!
Snow on the deck

Such a sad, grey day!
Snow in April

This little bird was happy to see the snow melt!
A bird hoping for spring

That's it for this month...hopefully we'll have some May flowers next time!


Five Good Memories

  As my mom's dementia grows worse, I find myself thinking a lot about my childhood. I started this post months ago, but never finished...in fact this is only half... my other five memories will have to be a post for another time. I haven't been doing much blogging lately, so I thought this post would be a good way to let you know what is occupying my time and my thoughts.


Decorating Kids' Rooms

 I come from a family with eight kids. When I was a girl, all I wanted was a pink bedroom. My parents weren't crazy about bright colors, so what I ended up with was more like white with a pink tinge. We didn't have much money either, so I didn't even have flooring...just bare plywood, but I did have a little purple rug beside my bed!

 When our older kids were growing up, Brian and I didn't have much money either, so their rooms weren't much better than what I grew up with. In fact we often joked about our decorating scheme being stripes and polka dots....meaning we had mudded the joints and screws in the drywall, but there was no paint. I guess that's why I got a little carried away with decorating our kids' rooms in later years!

Decorating and making memories