February Spring

In spite of some dreary grey skies, February has been unseasonably warm, and we're seeing signs of spring everywhere. But this IS Manitoba, and we know it won't last...winter will have it's last hurrah....but we're trying not to think of that!

Looking for spring in February


Manitoba Sky Monday, February 20/17

I know, I know...it's more sunrises and sunsets.
But I never get tired of them...
hopefully someone else appreciates them too!

The moon at sunrise
The moon at sunrise


Home Made Bird Feeder

Looking for a simple project to do with the kids? We love watching birds, and ever since we moved here, I have planned to buy a bird feeder to put up in our yard, but somehow, just never got around to it. But this year, I came across a really simple way to make a homemade bird feeder from mesh bags.

Mesh bag bird feeder


Manitoba Sky Monday, Feb.13/17

Welcome to another week of Manitoba Skies!

I'm not sure how I got this one, but I really like the way it turned out!
Beautiful orange sunset


Meet Me at the Market

 I met Brenda Newton last year, at the Brandon Farmer's Market when I purchased some delicious grapes from her. I recently had an opportunity to talk to Brenda about her involvement with the farmer's market, as well as her many other endeavours.


Manitoba Sky Monday, February 6/17

We had some grey, dreary days this past week, 
and I wasn't doing a lot of sky watching, 
but I did get a couple of nice ones.

There's some blue sky!
Nothing better than a pink sunrise!

See you next week!



An Experience Of a Life Time

  Sixteen year old, Junior, arrived from Almas Pernambuco, Brazil on September 3/16, with a very short bucket list; he wanted to visit the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg, he wanted to go to a comic book store, a dollar store, a movie, and he wanted to see the Northern lights. His host family set out to complete that list and ended up doing so much more!

Exchange student, host family