The Story Of the Candy Cane

Candy Cane story

 This project is a very simple little gift that we've made a few times over the years to hand out to people before Christmas.
 There are so many versions of the candy cane story, I don't even remember where I first heard it. I wanted  a shortened version of the story that would fit on a small card. I wrote this one in the form of a poem. 


Any of these methods can be used.
  • Type poem on card stock, print copies, and use ribbon to attach to candy cane
  • Place poem inside Christmas card and attach candy cane
  • Write poem on a homemade gift tag and attach to candy cane

Some years we've given out the large candy canes, using ribbons to attach a card with the story to the candy cane.

Other years we've also used the small candy canes. Using the smaller size meant we were able to make a lot more. We even made extra for friends at church to hand out one year!

This is such a simple way to share our faith, and to remind people of the true meaning of Christmas!

For a FREE printable Candy Cane Story bookmark, visit Joyful Abundant Life.

See you next week for the final post in our Christmas Craft and Gift Series! 


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