A Christmas Pinate

How to make a pinate

  Are you looking for something different to do this Christmas? 

  One of our many Christmas activities from years gone by has been making a pinate. It's been several years since we've done one, so some of these pictures are from previous Christmas seasons.

  It's a slow process that takes a few days, but the kids have fun making it, and even more fun breaking it open and eating the candy!

Materials Required:

  • Newspaper- cut in strips or squares
  • Home made paste
  • Large balloon
  • Two  big bowls- one for the flower and water for paste, and one for the balloon to sit in


ripping strips of newspaper for pinate
Yes, this is a recent photo!

Cut up several newspapers in strips and squares

Mix paste- In a large bowl mix flour and water to a sticky, but runny consistency.

putting paper in paste

Put strips of newspaper in the paste, one at a time, removing excess. 
Place the strip on the balloon, starting at the top, and working your way around. 
Continue until you have all or most of the balloon covered. 
Carefully set the balloon in another clean bowl that's been lined with plastic wrap.  
Let sit until dry. We left ours until the next day. 
Throw out any left over paste and clean the bowl and any mess immediately.
When the first layer is dry, make another layer in the same way.
Repeat a third time.

putting strips of paper on balloon for pinate
Jerry and I putting strips of newspaper on the balloon.
(he's so little!!)

putting strips of paper on balloon for pinate
Carefully place strips on balloon!

balloon covered in paper and paste for pinate
First layer complete
Once the entire balloon was covered with paper, we left ours to dry overnight. The next day Danny and I put on another layer of strips. The third day we used squares of paper, just to add more strength, and let it dry overnight again.

removing balloon from finished pinate

Directions Continued:

While holding the end of the balloon, use something sharp to deflate it, and remove it from the pinate.

Next- Decorate the pinate. 

painting pinate
We decided we didn't like the colors, 
so we gave this one a second coat!
The next step will be to fill the pinate with candy. Use the hole at the top, where the balloon came out. You can later cover the hole with with masking tape.

Last step, hang the pinate with string or rope...the pinate is very hard, so you may need to use a drill to poke holes through!

And let the fun begin! Just looking at these pictures from when our kids were younger is fun for me!

breaking pinate
Danny, lining up his shot!

breaking pinate

breaking pinate
Isn't that a mischievous look!?

broken pinate
And this is the moment they've been waiting for!

3 photos of making pinate

This is just one of many family Christmas traditions you'll find on our Christmas Craft and Gift Series


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Such a fun activity with the kids. Our grandkids have a piƱata for their birthday. It has been many years since I've made one, way back when I taught school.

Deborah said...

We've had them for other occasions too, but it's been a while!

Ellen said...

Looks like a fun idea!

Deborah said...

It is! The kids wanted to make one again, but I don't think we'll get to it this year.