Christmas Gift Jars - 3 Ideas

s gift jar ideas

  Are you looking for a simple gift for a friend, teacher, or co-worker? Maybe you want a project that you can do with the kids. Gift jars are a great gift for anyone, and easy enough for kids to make with a little help from an adult. Here's three different ideas to choose from.

1. Bean Soup Mix Gift Jar

Bean soup mix gift jar

Materials Needed:
Bean soup mix gift jar materials

12 oz. jar
DIY recipe tag


1 1/2 cups of beans of your choice
I used 1/4 cup of each of these:
            Dark Red Kidney Beans
            Light Red Kidney Beans
            Navy Beans
            Cranberry Beans
            Pink Beans
            Northern Beans
2 tbs. Onion Soup Mix
1 tsp garlic powder
*other seasonings of your choice

Soup Mix Tag:

 Soup Mix Directions

1.Wash beans and soak overnight
2. Drain & rinse
3. Add 6 cups water, 1 can diced tomatoes, 
    seasoning pack, & beans to slow cooker
    *Add bacon//pork if desired
4. Cook 7-8 hrs on high

Bean soup mix gift jarDirections For Bean Soup 
Gift Jar:

Cut a circle of fabric a little bigger than the lid, 
and glue to lid.
Type or write soup mix directions of card stock
Add ribbon around edge of lid if desired
Layer beans in jar.
Put seasonings in a tiny baggie, 
and place on top of beans.
Place decorated lid on jar.
Attach soup mix tag with string or ribbon.

Bean soup mix gift jar

2. Candy Mix Gift Jar

Candy mix gift jar

Candy mix gift jar materials

Materials Needed:

DIY gift tag
Candies of your choice

Candy mix gift jar lid
Directions For 
Candy Mix Gift Jar:

Cut a circle of fabric and glue to lid.
Alternate layers of candy
Place decorated lid on jar.
Attach a gift tag with string or ribbon.

Candy mix gift jar
Perfect gift for a teacher or friend!
3. Bath Salts Gift Jar
Lavender bath salts gift jar

Lavender bath salts gift jar materials

Materials Needed:

Wide mouth jar
DIY gift tag
Flower pictures from magazine
Modge Podge 
2 cups Epsom Salt (sea salt can also be used)
1/4 cup Baking Soda

Essential Oils of your choice. 
(I did a lavender themed jar, 
so I used lavender oil.)

Lavender bath salts gift jar instructions
Directions For Bath Salts Gift Jar:

 Mod Podge flower pictures on jar and on lid, let dry, do second coat
Mix Epsom salt and baking soda
Stir in 20 drops of essential oils; mix thoroughly
Spoon mixture into clean jar 
Place decorated lid on jar.
Attach a gift tag with string or ribbon.

Lavender bath salts gift jar lid
Lavender bath salts gift jar
All finished and ready to be given to a special lady!

Video by Danica

3 gift jar ideas

  I hope you enjoyed checking out our Gift Jar ideas!
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Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I did the bean soup in a jar last year and it was well received. I'm doing a couple more this year for those that didn't get them last year.

Deborah said...

Our son gave them to his siblings last year. He had so many beans from his job! :)

eileeninmd said...

Hello, these jars are great gift ideas. I would not mind the bean jar and the bath salts. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

Kim Smith said...

I really like these gift ideas. Love the beans. We are bean fans in this household. Nothing pleases my husband more than beans and cornbread. Along with a huge raw onion!

Deborah said...

I like the beans too, but my favorite is the bath salts! I also like that the jar is pretty enough to reuse. :)

Cheryl said...

What lovely ideas you have here! I am so sorry it has taken me so long to return your visit from last month! I so appreciated your kind comment on my blog and am only now getting caught up with replies and visits! So happy to meet you! God bless you. :)

Deborah said...

Hi Cheryl, Glad you found your way here.