Christmas Button Wreath


  When I was a child, I loved playing with my mom's collection of buttons. Like many ladies of her day, Mom kept the buttons in an old cookie tin. Years later, when my parents were moving from the farm, among their possessions was a huge cookie tin full of buttons. Not the small tin from my childhood, but one that belonged to my great aunt. I'm sure that tin held not only Auntie Bene's button collection, but my grandma's and my mom's as well. I had no idea what I'd do with all those buttons, but I brought the cookie tin home, not willing to leave it behind for someone else to throw away.

  A few years later, I had an idea for a craft project that I could do with my daughter, Danica....a Christmas wreath. Finally, a way to use some of those buttons! Along with a few other materials we had around the house, we were able to make a lovely wreath. It didn't cost a penny and it made my little girl very happy!
Materials Required For Button Wreath:
  • corrugated cardboard for base
  • padding optional
  • fabric or paper to cover cardboard
  • lace optional
  • buttons - colour of your choice
  • other Christmas decorations
  • glue gun, glue sticks

Instructions To Make Button Wreath:

cardboard base for button wreath
We started by cutting a cardboard ring,
using a large pizza pan to trace a circle.

base for button wreath
We had some padding that was left over from an upholstery project, 
so we used a glue gun to glue it to our cardboard base.

We picked out white, ivory, pearl, and gold buttons.
We came up with a beautiful collection to use on our wreath.

glue gun and lace for base of wreath
We added some lace around the outside edge of our base, using a glue gun.

 Danica chose the buttons and arranged them, and I glued them in place.

white lace, white buttons, gold bells on wreath

white buttons, white lace, gold bells on wreath
We finished the wreath off with some gold dollar store 
Christmas decorations to add some sparkle.

We added a gold ring and ribbon to hang the wreath.

 I'm so glad I decided to keep that old cookie tin full of buttons! This was such a fun project to do together, and it means so much more for Danica to know the history of those buttons as we hang our wreath each year at Christmas time.

  Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll join me each week of my Christmas Craft and Gift Series.


Michelle said...

That is such a cute idea! I, too remember being enthralled by containers of buttons. What a fun thing to do with them. And a great project to do with kids. I could see making them for a range of different occasions, or even as a keepsake that you could hang in your home to remind you of a loved one. I often see containers of buttons at flea markets, so that would be a good place to look if someone needed some.

Deborah said...

For Danica's birthday last year, we made button picture frames with all of her friends. They each had a different color, and the frames were quite pretty. I've done button broaches too...there are so many ways to use buttons! Yes, flea markets or thrift stores would be the place to look...these days, people don't save buttons.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I saw this post a few days ago, pinned it, and then went back it was gone ... now I know why :) I have actually started a button wreath. I'll be sharing it when it is finished.

Deborah said...

Sorry Linda! I posted it by accident last week, and didn't realize until I saw your comment....thank you by the way! LOL I look forward to seeing your wreath.

Kathi said...

That is SO pretty! And so simple to make too. It's nice to have a stash of buttons. :-)

Deborah said...

Kathi, We're slowly making our way through our buttons. but like Michelle said...there's always flea markets for anyone who doesn't have a stash like ours. Thanks for coming by!

Kim Smith said...

This is very elegant looking and seems easy to make. I might even be able to do it. I pinned to my Christmas board so I can come back to it later. Cute little helper!

Deborah said...

Thank you Kim. It's very easy to make. And yes, a very cute little helper...and now that she's a little bigger, she's becoming my blogging assistant! Just wait and see what we have coming up!

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