Manitoba Sky Monday - Oct. 31/16

Monday evening we were driving to Carberry, and there was a beautiful sunset.
 I had to try to get a picture through the rearview mirror.
sunset in rear view mirror


Manitoba Birds

Yellow-headed Blackbird

  I love bird watching, but when it comes to getting photos of them, I just don't have the required photography skills. One of the best things about Facebook, is seeing the photos that my friends post....and then asking them to share them! 
  This post is Part 1 of a three part series of photos by Brent Sharp. You'll find his bio at the bottom of the page.


DIY Patio Planters

diy planters

  After all the work of building our house, there wasn't much left in the budget for completing the outdoor living areas. For the first two years that we lived here, the area at our front entrance was just gravel and weeds. No matter how many times I went and dug up the weeds, and raked the area, it was still a pretty sad entrance to our home! Paving stones and stacked block planters weren't something we could afford, so we had to find less costly materials to complete our patios. 


Manitoba Sky Monday - Oct. 24/16

For more sky photos, vist Skywatch
I wasn't paying close enough attention to the sky this week,
and missed some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, 
but I got a few nice shots.

This misty morning brought pink and turquoise skies in the west.


Duck Mountain Fishing Trip

  Late in September, Brian and Justin went on a fishing trip to Duck Mountain with a group of men from our church. Justin has been wanting to go on a fishing trip with his dad for as long as I can remember, and it finally worked out. Although Brian didn't catch any fish, he did find what he was looking for.


Simple Stuffed Peppers

Green peppers

   I can't believe I've never tried making stuffed green peppers before. I'm sure you've heard the expression, "Necessity is the mother of invention." Well, this wasn't exactly a necessity, and I didn't exactly invent them....but I did have three green peppers in the fridge that I wanted to use, and I didn't have all of the ingredients in any of the recipes I looked at...so I had to come up with something on my own!


Manitoba Sky Monday- October 17/16

 Once again, I thought it was going to be a boring week of sky photos, but by Thursday, the grey skies started to clear.


Falling Off the Pumpkin Truck


  Have you ever heard the expression, "I didn't just fall off the pumpkin truck!"? Neither had our boys, until several years ago, when we had a crop of huge pumpkins that needed to be moved from the garden.


Walking With Clare

      I've often admired the photos that my friend, Clare Nernberg, posts on her facebook, so I was very happy when she kindly agreed to share some of them here. Clare told me that she loves going for walks, and soaking up the peace and quiet of her surroundings, and that's when she takes most of her photos. So today, we're going out walking with Clare.


Manitoba Sky Monday - October 10/16

For more sky photos visit Skywatch.
Finally a glimpse of blue sky!

  I was beginning to wonder if we would have anything but cloudy skies this past week, then it finally started to clear up on Thursday. After that, there were so many beautiful skies, Brian, Jeremy, and I took more photos than I could use!


Featured Garden- Backyard Retreat

gate and hedge in front of house

  Have you ever walked by a beautiful home, and wondered what was beyond the front gate? I have! Looking at houses, yards, and gardens is one of my favorite pastimes....which you probably already know, if you've visited this blog before! 
  Back when our kids were little, and we lived in town, we would often go for an evening walk. The kids were able to wear off some energy, and we got to check out the neighbourhood homes! Many decorating and landscaping ideas were gleaned from those evening strolls. 
  Still, looking in from the sidewalk just isn't the same as opening up that gate and walking right in, is it? Fortunately for us, Pauline and Glen Blair have agreed to open up their gate and invite us in for a tour. So, come on in and check out their backyard retreat.


Spruce Woods Wildlife Refuge

Spruce woods wildlife refuge sign

  Our daughter had gone to 4H, and we had about an hour before we had to pick her up. It was a beautiful September evening, so we decided to take a short walk through the forest across the road from our home. Walking through this forest reminds me of my childhood. My dad worked for the forestry, and he used to take us hunting for pine cones...yup, pine cones! 


Manitoba Sky Monday - October 3/16

We took a drive on Tuesday evening, 
and Brian stopped to take some pictures as the sun set. 
golden orange sunset


Saturday Snapshot- Puppy Pathway

Pup on Path
One of our last puppies to leave....he's going to Carberry next Saturday.