Swiss Chard & Beet Greens

  I went to visit Mom the other day, and came home with swiss chard and beets! I had just mentioned in another post that Brian likes borsht, so I was really happy to get some beets. They were small, but would be enough for one meal.

 It was already close to supper time, so I decided to just make the greens, and leave the borscht for another day. There are lots of recipes for how to prepare greens....you can add sauteed onions, garlic, even bacon.... but I keep it plain and simple.

 I washed both, then cut off the beets and the swiss chard stalks.

 I also removed the center of each swiss chard leaf.

 I cut the swiss chard in strips.

 The beet leaves were small, so I left them whole.

I filled two pots of water (salted), brought to a boil 
then put in the greens. Both take about 3 minutes.


Swiss Chard

Just add butter, and serve.
There's not a lot of difference in flavour; the swiss chard is slightly milder.
Both are as tasty as they are healthy!


Puppies In the Garden

  I'm a little distracted these days, with our four week old CavaDoodle puppies. We had them outside for the first time today, and I managed to get some pretty cute pictures of them in the garden.

  Our CavaDoodle puppies are a cross between our Mini Goldendoodle female, Bitsy, and our tan and black Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Jet.

Our CavaDoodle puppies, enjoying their first outing.

Yes, I see you!

Peak a boo!

I don't know who is having more fun, the puppies or Danica!

Enjoying the fresh air and sunshine for the first time!
Not sure quite what to make of this new place!
Tuxedo is always ready to explore!
Hello there!

Not much bigger than the tomatoes!

If you'd like to know more about CavaDoodles, follow my Pinterest board- CavaDoodles.


Manitoba Sky Monday Aug. 29/16

This entire week had amazing skies, from last Monday's sunset.....

 ....to Wednesday's storm clouds

.....to Friday's sunrise 

....and mist

 .....to Saturday's ever changing skies

 ....and yes, another beautiful sunset

Ending with the most amazing skies of Sunday evening,
that cast a strange orange glow over everything.
Orange skies in the west to pink in the east.

I know I posted a lot of pictures this week, 
but it was hard to cut any more than I did.

I hope you enjoyed our Manitoba skies!


Cucumber & Tomato Salad (Middle Eastern/Canadian Style)

 Although we no longer plant a big vegetable garden, most years we still grow potatoes, carrots, and sometimes beets (because my husband loves borscht), but ALWAYS cucumbers and tomatoes. As long as I have my cucumbers and tomatoes in the garden, I'm happy! And this year, that's all we got planted....well, except Daniel's pumpkin...I'll tell you about that another time.
 Our cucumbers are a little late this year, but we've been able to pick a couple of times. We have lots of green tomatoes, but it seems the gophers like them as much as I do....as soon as one ripens they are out there enjoying a feast! 


From Pallet To Garden Arbour

  As often happens, I came home one day to find that Brian had completed one of the many projects on my wish list. I had drawn up plans of what I envisioned for our yard. In my plans, I had divided the area into  four 'rooms'; the lawn, the garden, the skating rink, and Danica's play yard. 


Manitoba Sky Monday - Aug. 22/16

We always seem to have amazing skies on Mondays, and somehow I miss the best ones!

I caught the sun rising Monday morning, but missed a rainbow in the west!

My niece, Corinna Dominquez, took this one! 
My husband, Brian, got this one.

My neighbour across the road, Diana Haggerty, got this one.

I need to keep a closer eye on the sky!

Tuesday, some dark clouds blowing across the sun

More of the fast changing clouds from Tuesday

A foggy Wednesday morning sunrise.

Friday, the clouds are gathering over our neighbbour's house.

Saturday brought some beautiful blue skies, and lots of fluffy clouds!

Brian took this on Saturday afternoon, on our patio

And to end the week, the sunset on Saturday evening.

See you next week!