Saying Goodbye

This past weekend, Mom & Dad said goodbye to the farm that has been their home since they were married, almost 61 years ago. Their anniversary will be August 21st. I wrote a song for their 50th anniversary, and thought I'd include the chorus here.... revised for the occasion.

Sixty years of golden memories, seems like only yesterday,
they committed to each other; together come what may.

Now they've built a life together, and they've raised a family,
as they've travelled on this journey filled with golden memories.
Now they are about to begin another stage of this journey, and we know that God will continue to bless them as they journey on their way together.
Thanks for stopping by....the garden is still open here! ~~~Deb



Mom & Dad have sold their house and the farmland as well. They will be moving into their house in town at the end of this month. But even though they will no longer be there, you can still come here and join me for a stroll through the garden. I'd like to remember it the way it is in the photos here, as I know it will change. No one could ever keep the garden like Mom & Dad did, unless they hired a full time gardener!
So come on in anytime, and enjoy!



After living on the farm for over 60 years, the time has finally come for Mom & Dad to leave. They are both over 80, and as much as they love the farm and especially the garden, it's just too much for them to keep up. This summer they will be moving into a new house in Carberry, Manitoba. It's going to be a big adjustment for them, and for the whole family!