Bloomin' Tuesday

August is not my favorite time of year in the garden, but there are still some nice blossoms to be found. My favorite is the white phlox...it almost glows in the evening!

Blogger isn't cooperating, so it took many tries to get just a few pictures uploaded. I hope you enjoyed the short tour of my garden this week.

For more flower photos go to Bloomin' Tuesday.

Come by again soon! ~~~Deb


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blooms this week Deb. I love that white Phlox. They are so fragrant and long-blooming.

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Deb, your garden looks beautiful this week! That cute little frog peeking through the plants is adorable!
I also had a hard time downloading my photos with blogger tonight too! I finally rebooted my router box and it fixed the problem!
Love, Ann

Aiyana said...

The white phlox is really nice, but I especially love the yellow flower, whatever it may be. Is it some type of daylillie?

Suzanne said...

Love the white phlox. What a brilliant shade of white!

Cathy said...

I was having trouble with pictures last night too. I thought it was because I was trying to post pictures of the moon! I love phlox.

Jean said...

I have been really admiring phlox lately and you white is no exception. Love it! Thanks for posting for Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

kesslerdee said...

Very pretty- I love the white ones!

Unknown said...

My poor blooms and veggies are suffering this week because our Church is in Revival and I don't have time to get out there!

It was nice to see yours though!


Sweetie said...

All of your blooms are beautiful. I especially like the phlox. Also, the flowers on your sidebar are lovely.