Where I Am From Memoir Meme

 I so enjoyed writing my 'Where I Am From' post that I decided to start a new meme with it. Memories are wonderful, and they are made up of so many different things that come together and leave an imprint in the mind. Sometimes they are as clear as if they happened yesterday, and sometimes they are just bits and fragments...a sound, a scent, a taste, a feeling. Some of my childhood memories will sound familiar to my kids and grandkids, but many of them will be things that they may never experience. I believe that taking the time to jot down some of these memories is a nice memoir to pass down to future generations. I'd love to have one written by each of my parents, my siblings, and my children!

  It may sound like a big chore to write this, but to make it easy, someone has provided a template that you can follow. I used it as a guide for mine, but didn't follow it completely. This is your memoir, and you can write it your own way. I also added pictures to mine, which is also optional. No matter how you write it, I think that you will find the walk down memory lane as enjoyable as I did!??

This is a link to the original  Where I Am From, by George Ella Lyon

When you write your Where I Am From Memoir, please add a link to this post, and come back here to leave a comment, so I can add your link. This is an ongoing meme with no time limit; jump in any time. If you don't have a website, just email me your, 'Where I Am From,' and I will post it here. I look forward to reading your story!

New Memoirs Added:


Terry said...

Dear Deborah...I will have to find the time to do this.
I have to look up some old pictures and when I do , I will do this Memory Lane...just for you!...Ha..Love Terry

Deborah said...

Thanks Terry, I look forward to it!

Anonymous said...

hi Deborah,
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I just love your pcitres, the gorgeous sounds of nature. so tranquil and uplifting. what a blessing to have such majestic grounds.
Have a great week,
blessings Sandra in New Zealand

Anonymous said...

sorry Deborah, I am cold and my hands are icy and i just read what i wrote and saw my spelling mistake. i meant to write pictures. LOL
Sandra nz

kimberly said...

i wrote mine, deborah and so enjoyed doing so....thank you for yours and for the template...wonderful....also you should visit deena @ can i be pretty in pink?...she is doing a garden tour in blogland....and i haven't seen any garden as beautiful as you mom and dad's....so amazing.
i loved my visit to the garden,

Deborah said...

nonnie...thank you for letting me know about the Tour for a Cure Garden tour...I just joined it.

Terra said...

Hi, I read about this at CWO today so came over for a visit. My blog has lots of gardening stuff too.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Oh, this sounds so wonderful! I just can't wait to do this. Yours was so beautiful and I was so touched by it! Thank you!


StitchinByTheLake said...

I wrote mine back on June 11 and I highly recommend it to to all! It brought back such wonderful memories that I still find myself saying, "oh I remember....I should add that." Blessings, marlene

Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Deborah, fellow Canadian! I'm from BC and I have a blog in the blogroll too. I also have a free Canadian pin download if you would like for your sidebar - I'm a digital scrapbooking designer. My own blog is www.lalalime.blogspot.com

Your blog is WONDERFUL - I love looking at nature and gardens. Your garden photos make me long to get a book or paintbrush and abandon the computer (or fix a wireless hookup out there.

I know of two other VERY nice and informative nature/gardening blogs I truly enjoy, perhaps you would like to visit them too. The addresses are:


Groovewoman said...

I couldn't find the link for the template! Please help!