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Terry said...

Dear Deborah.
As you can see I have finally signed your guest book but somehow it says I am from Burlington.
Not that I mind Burlington but I am from Welland...11 miles from Victoria!
Welland was famous the year that it made the giant wedding card for Princess Dianna and Charles[I won't call him a prince because he proved that he wasn't!]
Anyway they put that card at the front of Buckingham Palace.
There were hundreds of Welland citizens that signed.
That year Bernie and I were in Manitoba, so we didn't really get to see the wedding. That would have been nice to see!
I always loved the royalty. When I was just a kid living in Rivers, I wrote to the queen about five times and she answered all of my letters. You couldn't convince me then that it wasn't her that typed out those letters but of course I learned later that it was it was the ladies in waiting, that wrote them out!
Years later one of them, whose name I recognised was Lady Susan Hussey. She became the god mother to Prince William.
That was many years later!
But I remembered her name.
When I got the first letter when I was 14, I started to cry and I told Mom Golden that I was happy so why was I crying?
She told me that extreme happiness sometimes causes people to cry, so that day I learned!
I surely do hope that our Princess was saved before she died.
A few months before that accident she had been with Mother Teresa, so I am sure that Mother Teresa would have told her that she had to be saved if she ever wanted to go to heaven.
I know that Mother Teresa was Catholic but I really think she knew the Way,.
One time a man sent her thousands and thousands of dollars for her work with the orphans but she told him that she would not take it. When he asked why not, she replied.
"You think that money and good works can get you to heaven but it is impossible to buy your way there or work your way there. God has already paid the price!"

Well I just was going to tell you that I signed your book but look at all of the chattering I have done!
Sorry about that!!!!....Love Terry

Deborah said...

Hi Terry, Thanks for signing my guest book. I think anyone in Manitoba comes up Winnipeg, unless they change the city...so don't worry about it saying you're from Burlington...I know better..it's just nice to see you here!

Lucie said...

Hello Deborah,

Today is the first time that I have been to your blog (to read your lovely poem and look at your photos) so I thought that I'd sign your guest book too!

I live on the Northern (cool) Coast of California near Eureka. My family and I moved here almost 8years ago. We live in the beautiful redwoods and the amazing Pacific Ocean is about 10 minutes from us!

Until next time,

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