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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Choosing Wellness

How the simple  choices we make lead to life changes.

  It's been over three months since Brian and I started taking nutritional supplements. I had high hopes that these supplements would help with several health issues, and I've been looking forward to getting the results of some recent blood work I had done. My doctor was very happy with the results, but it wasn't until I compared a printout of the tests with my previous results that I was able to see for myself how amazing the results really were. My cholesterol had dropped from 8 to 6.9, and I was no longer pre-diabetic, with a fasting glucose level of 5.6! Besides that, I've lost 20 lbs, (Brian has lost 33!) and I'm sleeping better than I have in my entire life...and that is no exaggeration...even as a child, I remember tossing and turning trying to get to sleep! I now wake up before Brian's alarm, and I no longer feel groggy. 

 Best of all, I finally have the energy to start working on another important part of my wellness journey...getting fit. I knew I needed something simple, that I could do at home without any equipment. I decided to ask for suggestions on FaceBook, and it wasn't long before someone recommended a walking program. I knew the first time I tried it, this was something that would work for me. It's Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home program, and I encourage anyone who needs a simple way to get fit to check it out. Weight loss was not my main goal when I started on the supplements, so I didn't bother taking measurements or even a before picture. This time, before getting too far into the walking, I did both. Even though I've lost 20 lbs, I don't have a lot of muscle, and to be honest, I'm a little flabby! I want to see how much difference the walking will make. So far, I've only missed one day of walking in almost 3 weeks. Some days I make 1 mile, others I've walked 4, but I'm determined to keep it up, so when I go back to the doctor in January, my results will be even better!

 I wrote previously about the need to reduce the stress in my life. I can't say that has happened. We just moved my mom into a care home, and are in the process of sorting through her belongings and preparing to sell her house, so if anything, stress has increased! But you know what? I haven't felt stressed at all. I feel strong, and full of energy, and excited about the future! It seems that when you take care of other issues in life, stress has a way of taking care of itself! 

 Recently, our church had a ladies conference with Amy Herbster, which couldn't have come at a better time! I gleaned so much from her sessions. The information Amy presented applies to every part of our lives. I particularly related to the session on choices, and have to share the quote.

A life change is as simple as changing my choices.

 Of course the most important choice any of us can make is to accept or reject the forgiveness that comes through Jesus. But Amy also spoke of the thousands of choices we make each day, usually without giving them much thought. I couldn't help thinking of how Brian's and my life has changed in the past 6 months because of one choice we made...a simple choice to change where we shop. And that choice led to so many other choices. We chose to convert our home to healthier safer products. We chose to begin taking nutritional supplements. That one choice has had such a dramatic effect on how we feel, that it enabled us to make more healthy choices.

 The following week, Brian and I we were in meetings with a business leader from Toronto, who took time out of her busy schedule to come out and spend time with our local group. Six months ago, I sure never would have thought that we would be speaking to a room full of people about the way our lives have been changed by a few simple choices. I'm thankful to God for directing our choices, and for the doors he is opening in our lives.

What choices do you need to make to change your life?