Just July


Welcome to Carberry!

Welcome to carberry

All of these photos were taken around the town Carberry.

Starting with the Daylily Garden.

Pergola at Carberry Daylily Garden







Pergola at Carberry Daylily Gardens

Bird on pergola


And the prettiest flower of all!

Some random photos taken around the town.

Park in Carberry MB

Celebrating Canada 150

Celebrating Canada 150 in blooms

Love this bike!

This is a nice addition to the park at the end of Main street,
along the tracks...similar to the old railway station.

Picnic shelter in park

Great idea for a bench!

DIY bench

This one is in Mom's neighbour's yard.

Hanging flower basket

I hope you enjoyed our July tour!


Deelat All In One Solar Courtyard Light ~ A Review

Solar Light

When I heard that our local community of Sprucewoods was in the process of creating a park and playground, I asked Manny from Deelat Industrial Products if they would donate a solar light that could be attached to a structure. Given that the light would be located in a public area, I wanted something that couldn't easily be removed. I was amazed when a large package arrived a week later. This Solar Courtyard light was much more than I was expecting!