Homemade Christmas Gift Wrap and tags

  When our older kids were growing up, there were many years that we had to find ways to save money. Making our own wrapping paper was one of them.

homemade gift wrap

  Brian used to go to the local newspaper and buy end rolls for about $2. We the let the kids decorate this plain brown paper with markers, colored pencils, and sometimes paint. Other years, if I was in a hurry, I'd wrap the gifts up, and quickly decorate each one with colored markers, and add some ribbon.

  As time went by, and we were more able to afford it, we eventually started buying wrapping paper from the store. But a couple of years ago, when the younger kids learned that we used to decorate our own, they wanted to try it too. So, we decorated some of the gifts that we were giving to our grandkids.

  This year, as part of this series, I decided to do a few packages similar to the ones we did years ago, but also some that are made with fabric. All of the materials used, were items we already had on hand, except the plain brown craft paper that we used rather than newsprint. If you don't have fabric, the thrift store is a great place to shop. 

Materials for making homemade gift wrap
We gathered up all the materials we would need for the gift wrap: fabric and lace from old wedding dresses, red and white fabric was from another dress, old Christmas craft magazines, scrapbook paper, and old sheet music were used for the paper wrapping. Just look around your house...you'll be surprised what can be turned into wrapping paper...comics, newspaper, colored craft paper, old curtains or sheets are all options.

ribbons and bows for homemade gift wrap
   Next, we got out our craft supplies. We already had some ribbon, and we used   bows from the wedding dress, as well as some tulle. 

Fabric Gift Wrap

White fabric for gift wrap

Time to start...The first two packages are not at all like the ones we did with our kids, but I wanted to do something with the pretty material and bows we had.

I found that regular tape was enough to hold the fabric in place until I could secure it with ribbon. 

White and Gold fabric gift wrap
A twist tie, or fine wire holds the bow in place.

White and gold fabric gift wrap
This one used lace from the dress, and a
 homemade Christmas ornament rather than a bow.

Red and white fabric gift wrap
Red and white material with tulle is a simple way to wrap a gift.

Paper Gift Wrap

Brown craft paper for gift wrap

Next, we used the plain brown craft paper. 
The paper can be decorated with markers, crayons, stickers, or stamps. It can be decorated first, or you can wrap the gifts, then decorate the packages.

Decorating plain brown paper with markers

Making bows from brown craft paper
Once the gifts are wrapped,
bows can be made by cutting strips of paper.

Making bows from brown craft paper
...and curling the paper with scissors.

Leave the bows plain, or colour with markers.
Coloured paper could be used too.
Decorating brown craft paper gift wrap
Let the kids decorate the packages!
Displaying IMG_1076.JPG
One of my favorites....old sheet music and tulle.
Easiest of all...pictures from a magazine!
Take a close look...I hadn't even noticed,
the gift on the table looks like one of ours!

Homemade Gift Tags

  These gift tags are very easy to make, and a great project for kids.

Materials to make homemade gift tags

Materials For gift Tags:
Cookie cutter homemade gift tag cut out
  • Old Christmas cards
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Cookie cutters


Trace shapes for gift tags on old Christmas cards, using cookie cutters, lids, or any shape you like,
and cut out.

Cutting old Christmas cards for homemade gift tags

Hole punching homemade gift tag

Punch holes in the tags, and add ribbon.
Putting ribbon on homemade gift tag

Homemade gift tags
Homemade gift tags, ready to put on gifts.

Homemade fabric gift wrap
Fabric gift wrapped packages, with homemade gift tags

Homemade craft paper gift wrap
Paper gift wrap, decorated and gift tags added.

Homemade gift wrap, fabric and craft paper

For more inexpensive crafts and homemade gift ideas, 
visit our Christmas Craft and Gift Series.


Michelle said...

Those are some really cute and clever ideas to involved the kids and save money at the same time.

Kathi said...

Great ideas. That white lace package is SO beautiful! The recipient will be blessed!

I don't think I've ever bought gift tags, we've always recycled Christmas cards too. :-)

Deborah said...

We had fun doing them. I like the fabric ones too...I think the white ones would be great for wedding gifts.