Homemade Christmas Gift Wrap and tags

  When our older kids were growing up, there were many years that we had to find ways to save money. Making our own wrapping paper was one of them.


Christmas Gift Jars - 3 Ideas

s gift jar ideas

  Are you looking for a simple gift for a friend, teacher, or co-worker? Maybe you want a project that you can do with the kids. Gift jars are a great gift for anyone, and easy enough for kids to make with a little help from an adult. Here's three different ideas to choose from.


Manitoba Sky Monday November 21/16

Super Moon
Not much sky watching this week, but I did try to get another picture of the super moon Monday morning.


Christmas Cookie Gift Trays

Gift wrapped Cookie trays

    This is one of my favorite gift ideas, and one that we've done many times over the years. Some years have been quiet, with just my daughter Nicole and I getting together, while other years the whole family has been home to take part. No matter who is there, it's always a fun time of making memories.



Easy Gingerbread Houses

 Many years ago, baking cookies and making a gingerbread house before Christmas became one of our family traditions. The gingerbread houses didn't happen every year, but at some point, all eight of our kids had a turn at decorating a house with candy. I still have the gingerbread house kit that I made over twenty-five years ago!


"Life Is Better On the Deck"

Painted pallet sign
 Normally, at this time of year, I wouldn't be saying, 
"Life is Better on the Deck"!
  But we had one of the nicest November weekends that I can remember.


Prairie October - Photography by Brian Bolack


  Saturday afternoon, Brian decided to take a drive around the neighbourhood south of where we live. He found some beautiful scenery and an old farm site.


Christmas Button Wreath


  When I was a child, I loved playing with my mom's collection of buttons. Like many ladies of her day, Mom kept the buttons in an old cookie tin. Years later, when my parents were moving from the farm, among their possessions was a huge cookie tin full of buttons. Not the small tin from my childhood, but one that belonged to my great aunt. I'm sure that tin held not only Auntie Bene's button collection, but my grandma's and my mom's as well. I had no idea what I'd do with all those buttons, but I brought the cookie tin home, not willing to leave it behind for someone else to throw away.


Christmas Craft and Gift Series

Christmas Crafts, Gifts, Traditions

  Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. Even though we didn't have a lot when I was a child, Christmas was always a special time with family. When our own kids were small, there were many years that we didn't have extra money, so we learned to make do with what we had...sometimes saving money by making gifts. Even when the kids were older we often made our own wrapping paper, and baked cookies to give away to family and friends. With the Christmas season fast approaching, I've decided to share some of our family's Christmas traditions, inexpensive crafts, and homemade gift ideas.