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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Got Cucumbers? 4 Easy Salads

# 1  Dilly Cucumber Salad

This first salad takes me back to my childhood. My parents grew fields of cucumbers to ship to a pickling company. The cucumbers had a be a certain size to meet the standards for pickles, so maybe that's why I remember eating a lot of cucumbers as a kid. Funny, I never got tired of them!
 Mom used to make  an even simpler version of this salad....just sliced cucumbers and vinegar. Sometimes we put it on bread for a tangy cucumber sandwich.
 Be warned, this salad has a bite to it! Sugar can be added to tone it down.

sliced cucumbers

Notice my vintage Pyrex bowl? I'm not sure if that bowl belonged to my mom or my mother in law, but somehow I ended up with it! I looked it up, and apparently it's worth $33...who knew? Now I'm not going to want to use it!

Anyway...back to the salad....peel and slice the cucumbers, and chop the green onion...add more or less to suit your taste.

Add a teaspoon of dried dill, and salt and pepper, and toss. Let it chill for an hour or so, and serve.
chopped green onion

Dilly Cucumber salad

#  2 Dill & Chives Cucumber Salad

This is similar to another childhood favorite, except that Mom used a dressing made from mayo and sugar. This version uses sour cream.

Mix up the sour cream, vinegar, sugar, dill and chives

Peel and slice the cucumbers. 

Slice the onion in thin slices.
sliced onion

Toss the veggies in the dressing, chill, and serve.
Dill & Chives Cucumber Salad

# 3  Cucumber, Tomato & Feta Salad
This is my try at a Greek salad, and it turned out pretty tasty...if I do say so myself!

Here's everything you need. Most recipes use red onions, but I used what I had on hand.
Greek Salad Ingredients

I chopped the veggies a little bigger than I do for my 
Middle Eastern Salad (# 4 below) and don't peel the cucumbers for this one.
Greek Salad, chopped cucumber

Greek Salad Chopped tomato

Cucumber, tomato and onion, ready for salad
Greek Salad

I mix the veggies, black olives, oregano, salt & pepper
 and toss with the oil and lemon juice dressing.

(recipe should be 4 tbsps, not tsp)
(I use fresh squeezed lemon juice).
I add the feta just before serving.

And here it is.
Greek Salad

Greek Salad Recipe

# 4  Cucumber and Tomato Salad    (Middle Eastern/Canadian Style)

This recipe can be found HERE.

Middle eastern Tomato, Cucumber Salad


Michelle said...

Those all look good. I'm pinning for future reference!

Deborah said...

Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! Hope you get a chance to try some of these.