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Garden of Ede'n Gerald in October

 These pictures were taken at my parents' home....also known as The Garden of Ede 'n Gerald. It was early evening, and the light wasn't the best, but the colors are still very nice.

Fall colours
Fall Colours
Fall Colours
Fall Colours
Fall Colours
Fall Colours
Fall Colours Hope you enjoyed your visit!


Grammy said...

Looks like fall in your area too. Wonderful pictures.

Terry said...

One year about 15 years ago, Mom Golden and I flew to Brandon for a couple of weeks. When we left Toronto, there wasn't much color of autumn and when we reached Brandon, there was already snow!
When we returned to Ontario, we could see the autumn color below us like a colorful granny-made quilt as we flew into the airport!
Did I ever mention it to you Deborah that I don't like winter?..Love Terry

Rick Rosenshein said...

Great blog, photos and articles. Very informative. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work. Rick